Best Low Maintenance Hair Color: What You Need to Know

Understanding High Maintenance and Low Maintenance Hair Color

A low maintenance hair color is just what you need if you have a demanding lifestyle and a modest budget. 

The most important thing you’ll look for in hair colors is that they don’t break the bank and take too much of your time. In a nutshell, you’re looking for a low-maintenance color. After all, not many people have the luxury to get numerous hair color sessions in a year. 

Have you ever felt a sense of dread when sitting in a salon chair for your hair color appointment? Just thinking about the bill, and the need for root touch-ups that spring up six weeks later, make you wonder if it’s even worth it.  

Getting a high-end color transformation and maintaining it is quite the commitment.  

But your roots start showing up, they do not care about your tight budget or lack of time to get an appointment at a salon. We do wish covering up grey roots was as easy as swiping on a fresh layer of lipstick. But sadly, life is not that simple, and your hair may give you a tough time every now and then.  

However, do not get all teary-eyed just yet. We are thankfully living in a century that is leaning more towards a low-maintenance hair color trend and we will share a few tricks with you just now.  

We certainly feel your pain and think it is a great idea to strategically color your hair. A busy life really needs simple hair maintenance and there are a few ways in which to do it. Wouldn’t it be great if you no longer had to worry about spending endless dollars and hours at the salon? 

Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas 

For a low-maintenance hair color, you must avoid anything that is two shades darker or two shades lighter than your natural tone. You must also never underestimate the effect of a good gloss.  

We have put together a few great ideas of low-maintenance hair colors that will reduce your salon visits from monthly to seasonal.  

  1. Citrine Blonde 

Citrine Blonde is the Autumn/winter shade you need to rock a low maintenance look. Summer is the time when we turn to the most vibrant colors and wear lighter clothes. This is the time when all seems bright, shining and sun-kissed. Why not follow the same theme for your hair? 

Imagine how your balayage and baby lights would become lighter when you flaunt them in the glow of the sun. When we transition into the autumn season, we notice women opting to bring down their hair colors to a darker shade. 

Citrine blonde is a low-maintenance option compared to a single color, especially if your roots are naturally dark. However, the golden tones in this shade are still bright. You may consider citrine blonde as a slight variation of the ombre shade, which is a trend we don’t think will disappear anytime soon.  

Citrine blonde, however, involves more smudging at the root of your hair. Where your roots will end depends on how long or short your hair is. The best part about using citrine blonde is that it works on all hair lengths.  

  1. Tortoiseshell 

Tortoiseshell is a warm shade that you can easily accomplish by blending a few varying shades. Bigen USA’s rich caramels, golden blondedarker brown, and toasty chestnuts give you a soft and natural result. You will see it grow out flawlessly and the look will last without needing a root touchup for about six weeks.  

  1. Ashy 

Ashy is a low-maintenance hair color trend that focuses on your undertone, instead of how dark or how light the shade is. This shade is quite a contrast from the regular golden, warm undertones and is more like a cool undertone 

A good example of ashy blonde would be champagne blonde. You will not see the regular reddish, chestnut or copper tints in this shade. Ashy blonde works better on people who have pale skin naturally. Wear a striking, bold lipstick shade and you will rock a fall/winter look that will not run its course anytime soon.  

Ashy blonde works to boost your natural undertone and if you do not fight it, you will not require much maintenance for it. Need a recommendation? We adore Bigen USA’s glossy shades for a gorgeous and long-lasting look! 

Bigen and Its Products 

Every hair type is different. When it comes to coloring and caring, each hair type has its own set of requirements. This is the reason why you need to find products that are specifically suited to your needs.  

If you want stunning and natural-looking hair color without the maintenance, Bigen USA offers numerous palettes of options. Their history goes back to a hundred years of medical and pharmaceutical expertise. For all your hair care solutions, you can choose from a wide range of hair care products. From colors that hide grey hair to the vivid shades that make heads turn, you can pick one that suits your hair and lifestyle. 

Bigen is committed to giving you the best hair color experience of your life, without compromising the health of your hair, your time and your money. You will find the gentle, rich, and effortlessly natural look you have been dreaming of with their hair products. 

How to Apply Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color 

  • Take a non-metallic bowl and add the Bigen hair color powder to it.  
  • Add as much water as the instructions mention. 
  • Apply the mixture on your dry hair with a brush. 
  • If you have grey hair, start applying the color from the areas where your hair is the most grey. 
  • Once you have finished applying the color, run a comb through your hair to ensure you coat each strand thoroughly with the hair color mixture. 

Final Thoughts 

A practical life demands a hair color that is low maintenance from every aspect, dollar-wise and time-wise. However, sometimes our hearts don’t agree with what our common sense tells us. High-end colors are never easy to get, maintain and benefit your hair. They may look good but end up destroying the natural shine and strength of your hair, are time-consuming and demand a hefty sum of money every salon visit. 

Luckily, we have just the right ideas to ensure you do not miss out on the “look cool” factor while saving up dollars and precious hours’ big time. With our low maintenance hair color ideas, you will not just look super stylish and cool, but also not feel compelled to visit a salon every month too. 

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