Before Dipping into Dark Hair Colors...

Have you thought about darkening your hair color? Well, you're not alone. Maybe it’s the cold, the winter colors, the New Year, or you’re just ready for a change. Whatever the reason, if you have decided to transform your golden locks to a darker hair color, follow these tips to assure you get that perfect look!

Before you even step foot into the salon or hair color aisle, deep condition your hair a few days before the big dye day. A good deep reconstructive treatment will strengthen the strands and also help them absorb the hair dye.

Women applying conditioning hair mask

If your hair color is completely blonde, consider adding lowlights to see if the darker hair color complements your skin tone. Lowlights are much like highlights, but a brown hair dye is used instead of bleach and applied to thin sections of hair. This approach is much more forgiving if you decide you don’t like the brunette version of your hair.

When choosing a hair color pick one that is a few shades darker than your current hair color. Look at your root color when they are grown out and pick a hair color similar, or a shade darker. If you go from bleach blonde to dark brown the result can be a greenish-grey color!

Women choosing hair color

Choose a semi-permanent hair color for your hair. Most of these formulas have conditioners added so they don’t damage the hair as much as permanent hair dyes. Bigen's Semi-Permanent Hair Color is loaded with natural ingredients like Coconut, Argan and Maracuja Oils, nourishing your hair as you color. That way, when you are done, you will have shiny Demi Moore hair.

Bigen Semi Permanent Hair Color

Dark hair dye colors tend to brighten the eye color and define other features, so be careful not to overdo your make up. Blonde hair colors tend to wash out your face so make-up is needed to accentuate your features. The opposite is true for brown hair dye colors.

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