Does Hair Color Have a Shelf Life? What You Need to Know

You’re sitting in front of your vanity staring at a sea of hair color bottles and tubes wondering if any of them are still good to use. The truth is, hair color does have a shelf life, but the timeline can vary. Before you toss everything and do a mad dash to the beauty supply store, keep reading. We'll give you the scoop on how long Bigen hair color products last, so you know what to keep and what to toss. Let's face it, the last thing you need is a color job gone wrong because you used an expired product. Rest easy, after reading this you will have all the info you need to keep your hair looking perfect.

How Long Does Unopened Hair Color Last?

So, you bought a few boxes of hair color on sale six months ago and you're finally getting around to coloring your hair. But is that hair color still good to use? An unopened bottle or tube of Bigen hair color has a shelf life of 3-5 years from the manufacture date.

It is important to store hair color in a cool, dry place to avoid extreme temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight. A product's shelf life can be shortened by heat and sunlight causing the ingredients to degrade.

Does Opened Hair Color Go Bad? Bigen’s Smart Solution

Let’s address the issue with general hair color kits. When you open that box of hair color, you're often faced with the daunting task of mixing the entire contents. Sure, you might not need all of it, especially if you're touching up your roots. But what choice do you have?

The result? Countless bottles of half-used hair color wasted every year. And if you thought about saving that remaining mixture for future touch-ups, well, think again. Once it's oxidized, it's game over.

We understand the importance of minimizing waste and maximizing your investment. That's why we've developed products like EZ Color for Men and Easy Color for Women (with exception of 7GB LT Golden Blonde and 8BB Brilliant Blonde), which provide a game-changing solution to this common problem. The standout feature of these products is that you can mix just the amount of color you need for your hair. Unlike general hair color kits, these products allow you to save any remaining, unmixed color solution for future use. Yes, you read that right!

While our products offer flexibility and convenience, it's essential to note that they still have a shelf life. You can save the unmixed color solution for up to three months, giving you plenty of time to touch up your roots. Remember to write the date you opened on the tube, so you have a reference point.

Don’t Let Your Hair Color Go Bad

To avoid waste here are two things you can do to maintain the lifespan of your hair color and keep it performing at its best.

Store Your Hair Color Properly 

Keep hair color in a cool, dry location away from direct heat or sunlight. The biggest enemies of hair color are heat, light, and moisture. Keep your hair color in a cabinet away from extreme temperatures and humidity. The bathroom is a poor choice due to heat and steam. A closet, drawer or cabinet in a spare room is ideal.

Seal and Store Leftover Product Properly

If there is unused product left in the tubes after coloring, twist cap tightly and store for up to 3 months. Be sure to label and date the tubes.


So, there you have it - the scoop on Bigen hair color shelf life. While it can be tempting to hold onto your favorite shade for as long as possible, for the sake of your hair, it's best not to use hair color beyond its recommended shelf life. Toss it and invest in a fresh kit or bottle. Be sure to set a reminder for yourself when it’s time to toss. Your hair will thank you, and you’ll avoid the headache of a hair color mishap. Stay on top of your hair game by keeping your color collection fresh and your hair will continue to look perfect.

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