2023 Fall Hair Color Trends to Try with Bigen

Is it time to try out a new hair color trend? Try one of these hair colors at home with an at-home color that is permanent or semi-permanent. Regardless of whether you are looking for something subtle or bold, we have 7 great hair color ideas for you.

Sapphire Blue

We can safely say this blue is our favorite hair color to try this fall. If your hair color is naturally darker, this color is easy to achieve. You need to lighten the hair first, but it does not have to be as light as it would be for pastel hair colors for the blue to show.


Our recommendation is to lighten your hair to Level 7 (Medium Blonde). Once you have lightened your hair, use Bigen semi-permanent Designer Series Indigo Blue to achieve a shade of blue. 

Pastel Pink

There is no denying that pink hair is here to stay. There are many shades of pink to choose from. If you are looking for something more subtle, try a light pink tone or even pastel pink. Suitable for someone who wants their hair to stand out but does not want it to be too in your face.

If you would like to achieve the lighter shades of pink, lighten your hair to level 9 (Pale Blonde) and mix Designer Series Soft Pink with deep conditioner. However, if you feel more daring and want to get a bolder shade of pink, Passion Pink can also give you the bolder color you want.

Red Wine

In the upcoming cooler months of the year, you may want to experiment with rich, red wine hair colors. No matter what your skin tone is, this deep red color would look gorgeous on you. Add transitional highlights to your dark hair or go for a full head of color.

It is possible to achieve red wine hair at home with the right product, such as Easy Color BOLD 2RB Burgundy or 3RA Intense Auburn.

If your hair is already pre-lightened or have red hair that needs a refresh without further damage, try Designer Series BG3 Burgundy or CR3 Crimson.


If you are ready to switch from summer blonde hair to something sultry, try dark brown hair. During the fall and winter, this is an ideal color of choice since it requires minimal maintenance. This hair color will make your hair appear healthier and shinier. 

You can get dark brown hair without the commitment of permanent color with Bigen Semi-permanent DB2 Dark Brown.

Midnight Black

A classic favorite, a solid dark color like this does not have the extra help of highlights and lowlights to create a shiny dimension. This elegant shade suits a variety of skin tones and hair types. Black hair also makes everyone's hair appear thicker and healthier because of its multidimensional depth and tone. It is also a great all-over hair color for covering gray hair. 

Make the most of this color to improve the health and shine of your hair with deep conditioners and serums. It is important to remember that this color is extremely difficult to lift. Therefore, you need to be prepared to commit to black hair.

Those who are ready to go dark, you can get this classic hair color at home with Bigen Easy Color 1N Natural Black or 1B Intense Black.

Honey Blonde

A specific, sweet shade is currently stealing our hearts: honey blonde. This color is a blend of golden yellow with amber brown tones. "Intentional warmth" is what defines honey blonde. An unintentional warmth has an unwanted brass tone and more of an orange tone, whereas an intentional warmth has the right amount of gold. 

To get this sweet color at home, try the Bigen Easy Color 6HB Honey Blonde.

Brilliant Blonde

No matter the season, this shade of blonde has a place. You might want to consider this white-blonde shade if you are looking to stand out while complying with your company's hair color policy. Besides being appropriate for most workplaces, this color also gives you an elegant appearance. It is also important to invest in a good moisturizing conditioner when transitioning into this color. 

Give this color a try with Bigen Easy Color 8BB Brilliant Blonde.

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