Hair Color Trends for Men in 2023

When we talk about hair color, men are often overlooked. Seeing that women have dyed their hair various shades of hot pink, purple, and electric blue for so long, it can be easy to forget that men also enjoy coloring their hair. As men embrace hair trends and get more adventurous with their haircuts and styles, they have also begun to experiment with hair color. From shades of blonde to red, men are proving that there are no colors they can’t pull off. 

Ready to try a unique hair color trend? We are revealing 10 trendy hair colors for men in 2023.

Purple Hair

Purple has been a popular hair color for men lately. You can either commit to an all-over purple hair color or try something subtle like purple highlights. This is another way to get some purple in your hair without committing all the way. It looks particularly striking when paired with dark brown or black hair because it brings out the warmth in those shades of brown and black. This is a simple DIY hair color that can be done at home. The Bigen Lighten Up Kit and Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Royal Purple are excellent products for creating purple highlights or all-over purple hair color.

Green Dreadlocks

In case you have dreadlocks and have been thinking about adding some color, you are not left out because you can also create some amazing hair color looks. You can add color to your locks by coloring the ends of your strands emerald green. This is suitable for men with dreadlocks who want something edgy but not too crazy. To get this look, you just need Bigen hair lightener and Bigen Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Emerald Green.

*It is recommended that you consult with a professional if you have never colored your dreads before.

Red K-pop Hair

There is no question that K-pop is at the forefront of breakout hair trends. They’re also setting the pace for dare-to-be-different, trendy hair colors. Taking your hair adventure to the max by experimenting with a fiery red hair color could be just what you need. Be bold, we say! The combination of this color and a two-block haircut will have you looking like a K-pop star. Get this fiery red color with Bigen’s Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Ruby Red.

Pink Hair

The Pantone Color of 2023 is Viva Magenta, which has appeared everywhere from home décor to clothing. But it doesn't stop there; it has also spread to hair color. Despite its vibrant pink tone, this shade is also flattering for men. Over the last few years, pink hair has gained popularity, especially among Millennials and Gen Z looking for a bold look.

There are numerous ways to incorporate pink hair depending on your personality and style. The choice is yours whether to go all out with bright pink or to keep things subtle with a few strands here and there. Feel free to rock pink hair if you're feeling bold enough. If you want to try something different with your hair color, this might be the perfect time to give pink a shot!

To give yourself a pink hair makeover, pick up the Bigen Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Passion Pink. If you need to lighten your hair, add Bigen hair lightener products to your cart.

Turquoise Blue Hair

For guys who want to stand out and have a unique style, try experimenting with a turquoise blue color. It may be shocking at first, but this look will get you noticed and make you feel confident. The bold and vivid shade of turquoise makes for an instantly eye-catching hair color. No matter if you have a buzzcut or longer hair, the mix of blue and green tones only adds to your experimental style. Make the look your own with Bigen's Designer Series in Turquoise Blue.

Blue Hair

If turquoise-colored hair seems too much for you but you still want to add a blue hue to your hair, try a darker hue like indigo. You can still achieve the edgy look you are aiming for with this hair color. There are plenty of ways you can use the deep blue hue in different hairstyles. There isn't a hair texture that doesn't look appealing in this color. You can have blue strands at home using Bigen's Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Indigo Blue.

Split Hair

Split hair dye is a trendy hairstyle that involves splitting the hair down the middle and dyeing one half or both halves a different color. People like to use vivid colors like pink and blue together while others prefer a softer look with combinations like blue with black. But no matter what colors you choose, this hairstyle is fun, stylish, and cool. Our recommendations for getting this look at home are to lighten your hair with Bigen's hair lightening products and add the vivid color with Bigen's Designer Series Semi-Permanent Hair Color.

Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a strong look, a blonde buzz cut is what you want. There is no doubt that this hair color and haircut is one of the most striking and edgy styles that you can choose from. A buzz cut combined with blonde hair (natural or lightened) is a very daring look. In order to get this look, you need to style it into a buzz cut and then lighten your hair to a very light blonde color. If you decide to go with this look, get ready to turn heads because this is a very striking look. Easily achieve the look with a hair color kit like Bigen Easy Color Blonde Shade in Brilliant Blonde.

Blonde Tips

Blonde tips are one of the simplest ways to embrace the blonde hair color trend if you're still hesitant to lighten your entire head of hair. The most convenient thing about coloring only the ends of your hair? It will save you the hassle of having to go to a salon to touch up your hair. Blonde tips are possible with Bigen hair lightening products that lift natural hair color to level 8.

Salt and Pepper Hair

You may not know it, but salt and pepper hair is an incredibly popular hair color trend for men going gray. There's something sophisticated and handsome about it, and many would argue that it enhances your attractiveness.

Since it's a deposit-only color, Bigen's Semi-Permanent hair color blends your gray hair with your natural hair color. You simply apply it directly from the bottle, beginning at the roots and working your way to the ends. Comb through the hair to ensure every hair strand is thoroughly saturated. By processing your hair as directed in the bottle, you will achieve a natural-looking color that blends with grays.

Our recommendation for this salt and pepper look is to use Bigen Semi-Permanent hair color in JB1 Jet Black or NB2 Natural Black.

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