Find the Right Shampoo for You

Does everyday seem like a bad hair day?  Well, the answer to having hair that behaves and looks shiny and healthy is surprisingly simple—all you have to do is find the shampoo that's best for your hair type. To start, toss your current shampoo if it contains any waxes, which can build-up on your hair making it look dull and feel awful. Next, find the statement which best describes your hair, then check out the ingredients to look for in a shampoo that will make your hair look as beautiful as you are!

My hair tends to look dull, lifeless and brittle. It feels coarse and breaks easily.

You have dry or chemically treated hair: Look for a moisturizing formula that contains ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A), protein and vitamins B and E.

My hair won't hold a style and tends to fall flat by mid-day.

You have fine hair: Look for a shampoo that will add volume without weighing hair down and is packed with ingredients like vitamins as well as volume-boosting wheat proteins.

My hair and scalp are neither oily nor dry; my hair has bounce, body, and shine.

Your have normal hair: Look for shampoos that are gentle enough to use every day with ingredients like panthenol and soy protein, which will help keep hair at a normal pH balance.

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