Big Hair is Back!

Yes, bigger, fuller, sexier, shinier, ‘run your fingers through my hair’ is back. Here are a few crazy ideas to help you get the look even if you weren’t born with thick, wavy or curly hair! 

Tip one: Before stepping out of the shower, rinse hair with cold water. The cooler temperature will help close the hair follicles, smoothing them down to give hair lots of added shine.

Tip two: Give your hair a drink! Beer, because it’s full of wheat proteins, is an excellent conditioner, and can add tons of body and shine. Use as a finishing rinse after shampooing and don’t rinse it out until you shampoo again.

Tip three: Eat well-balanced meals. Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are great for your hair. Drink plenty of water and take B6, Zinc and Biotin vitamins as well.

Tip four: Instead of one-tone highlights, ask your stylist to work a combination of lowlights and highlights into your hair. The play of light and dark color will give your hair lots of depth and texture and the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Tip five: Apply a volumizing product just to the roots to help build in volume. For lots of body, bend at waist and blow-dry while using your fingers to lift and scrunch hair close to your scalp. Stand up and continue drying and styling your hair.

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