Banishing Split Ends

Unfortunately you can't 'glue' split ends back together and so, the only way to eliminate them is to cut them off.  If your hair is looking less than perfect, go in for a trim. After that, to keep unsightly split ends from turning your do into a don't, here's what to do in order to protect and defend their hair!

Condition after every shampoo: After shampooing, use hands to gently squeeze excess water out, then apply conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft to ends.

Don't rough-up wet hair: Avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel. Hair is at its weakest when wet, and excessive rubbing can cause strands to split. Instead, wrap hair in a loose towel 'turban' and use it to squeeze out excess water.

Detangle gently: Apply a leave-in conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle damp hair before applying any styling products. Using a brush on wet hair can also cause it to break and split.

Defend from heat: Always hold your blow-dryer at least four inches away from scalp and keep it moving. You never want to overexpose any area to the heat for too long, which can cause it to burn.

Ultimately, just shine like the star that you are and always remember, you are gorgeous!

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