Common Hair Care Beliefs: Truth or Myth

You have probably heard several stories about hair products. Bigen can weigh in on whether some of them are true or only myths.

Myth #1: The only difference between Salon Products and Drugstore Products is the price.
False. Salon Products are made with ingredients of higher quality, that are more expensive and that will give you better results. These ingredients are not always found in Drugstore Products.

Myth #2: The more shampoo I use, the cleaner my hair will be.
False. You only need a dollop the size of a quarter if you have long hair. If you don’t feel enough lather, try adding a little bit more water to your hair as you massage it and you will be surprised by how much lather you will get!

Myth #3: Hair needs to be protected from the sun, just like skin.
True. Sun can dry and damage your hair. To avoid this, use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen; you will be protecting your hair from the sun and conditioning it at the same time!

Myth #4: If I wash my hair every day it will dry out and eventually start falling out.
False. If you use the appropriate shampoo for your hair type, it will not harm your hair. Shampoo will actually add moisture every time you use it and will cleanse your hair. For most women, it is really about how much time they are willing to spend styling their hair in the mornings and how often.

Myth #5: I should be more careful when I dye my natural roots than the rest of my hair.
True. Virgin roots will be more sensitive to any hair dye than the rest of your hair that has already been exposed to coloring chemicals and they will absorb color faster. Follow the instructions on your hair dye, paying special attention to the time you should leave the dye on if you are only coloring your natural roots.

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