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Bigen Semi-Permanent Color — BSP

02013-medium ash brown

AB3-Med. Ash Brown
UPC: 02013

02002-bluest black

BB1-Bluest Black
UPC: 02002

02008-light beige brown

B3B4-Light Beige Brown
UPC: 02008

02007-Light Copper Brown

CB4-Light Copper Brown
UPC: 02007

02005-Med. Cherry Brown

CHB3-Med. Cherry Brown
UPC: 02005

02004-Darkest Brown

DB2-Darkest Brown
UPC: 02004

02009-Golden Blonde

GB6-Golden Blonde
UPC: 02009

02001-Jet Black

JB1-Jet Black
UPC: 02001

02003-Natural Black

NB2-Natural Black
UPC: 02003

02012-Intensive Red

R4-Intensive Red
UPC: 02012

02010-Intensive Violet Red

VR4-Intensive Violet Red
UPC: 02010

02006-Medium Warm Brown

WB3-Medium Warm Brown
UPC: 02006

02014-Apricot Red

AR4-Apricot Red
UPC: 02014

02015-Light Cognac

CO4-Light Cognac
UPC: 02015

02017-Passion Pink

PP4-Passion Pink
UPC: 02017

02011-Intensive Ruby Red

RR3-Intensive Ruby Red
UPC: 02011

02018-Royal Purple

RP3-Royal Purple
UPC: 02018

02016-Turquoise Blue

TB3-Turquoise Blue
UPC: 02016

Semi-Permanent Group

Semi-Permanent Group

Bigen Permanent Powder Color — BPP

90537-Dark Auburn

37-Dark Auburn
UPC: 90537


UPC: 90545

90546-Light Chestnut

46-Light Chestnut
UPC: 90546

90547-Medium Chestnut

47-Medium Chestnut
UPC: 90547

90548-Dark Chestnut

48-Dark Chestnut
UPC: 90548

90556-Rich Medium Brown

56-Rich Medium Brown
UPC: 90556

90557-Dark Auburn

57-Dark Brown
UPC: 90557

90558-Black Brown

58-Black Brown
UPC: 90558

90559-Oriental Black

59-Oriental Black
UPC: 90559

90588-Blue Black

88-Blue Black
UPC: 90588

90596-Deep Burgundy

96-Deep Burgundy
UPC: 90596

Permanent Powder Group

Permanent Powder Group

Bigen Hair Care — BHC

03002-Hair Care Conditioner

Protect & Repair Deep Conditioner
UPC: 03002

03003-Hair Care Serum

Polishing Serum
UPC: 03003

03001-Hair Care Shampoo

Protect & Repair Shampoo
UPC: 03001

03004-Hair Care Sheen Spray

Sheen Spray
UPC: 03004

BHC-Hair Care Group

Hair Care Group

Bigen EZ Color for Men — BEZ

05001-Jet Black-M1

Jet Black-M1
UPC: 05001

05002-Real Black-M2

Real Black-M2
UPC: 05002

05003-Darkest Brown-M3

Darkest Brown-M3
UPC: 05003

05004-Dark Brown-M4

Dark Brown-M4
UPC: 05004

05005-Medium Brown-M5

Medium Brown-M5
UPC: 05005

05006-Light Medium Brown-M6

Light Medium Brown-M6
UPC: 05006

05007-Light Brown-M7

Light Brown-M7
UPC: 05007

Bigen Easy Color for Women — BEZW

00090-Intense Black-1B

Intense Black-1B
UPC: 00090

00091-Natural Black-1N

Natural Black-1N
UPC: 00091

00092-Deep Expresso-2N

Deep Expresso-2N
UPC: 00092

00093-Mocha Brown-4N

Mocha Brown-4N
UPC: 00093

Bigen EZ-Color for Women, all products

Bigen EZ Color for Women
Display Tray, All Product Lines

Bigen Speedy Conditioning Color — BSCC

00027-Light Warm Chestnut-2

Light Warm Chestnut-2
UPC: 00027

00028-Warm Chestnut-3

Warm Chestnut-3
UPC: 00028


UPC: 00029

00030-Deep Chestnut-5

Deep Chestnut-5
UPC: 00030

00031-Medium Brown-6

Medium Brown-6
UPC: 00031

00032-Brownish Black-7

Brownish Black-7
UPC: 00032

00033-Natural Black-8

Natural Black-8
UPC: 00033

Bigen Aroma Color — BAC

00081-Light Brown-3

Light Brown-3
UPC: 00081

00082-Medium Brown-4

Medium Brown-4
UPC: 00082

00083-Dark Brown-5

Dark Brown-5
UPC: 00083

00084-Darkest Brown-6

Darkest Brown-6
UPC: 00084

Bigen Silk Touch Color — BST

2N-Natural Black

2N Natural Black
UPC: 00071

3N-Brownish Black

3N Brownish Black
UPC: 00072

5B-Chocolate Brown

5B Chocolate Brown
UPC: 00073

5C-Apricot Copper

5C Apricot Copper
UPC: 00064

5P-Elegant Burgundy

5P Elegant Burgundy
UPC: 00065

5V-Mystic Violet

5V Mystic Violet
UPC: 00066

6N-Coffee Brown

6N Coffee Brown
UPC: 00074

6R-Elegant Mahogany

6R Elegant Mahogany
UPC: 00067

7R-Passion Mahogany

7R Passion Mahogany
UPC: 00075

8N-Lightest Blonde

8N Light Blonde
UPC: 00076

Bigen One Push Cream Color — BOP

2-One Push

2-One Push
UPC: 00085

3-One Push

3-One Push
UPC: 00086

4-One Push

4-One Push
UPC: 00087

5-One Push

5-One Push
UPC: 00088

6-One Push

6-One Push
UPC: 00089